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Chin. Opt. Lett.
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Design and numerical analysis for low birefringence silica on silicon waveguides      PDF
  • Chin. Opt. Lett., 2004, 02(08): pp.456-456-
  • Junming An, Jian Li, Dingshan Gao, Junlei Xia, Jianguang Li, Hongjie Wang, Xiongwei Hu
    Planar waveguides formed in a new chemically stable Er(3+)/Yb(3+) co-doped phosphate glass      PDF
  • Chin. Opt. Lett., 2005, 03(02): pp.101-101-
  • Shilong Zhao, Baoyu Chen, Junjiang Hu, Lili Hu
    Preparation and characterization of SiO2/TiO2/methylcellulose hybrid thick films for optical waveguides      PDF
  • Chin. Opt. Lett., 2005, 03(07): pp.399-399-
  • Jun Yang, Xinyu Zhang, Pei Wang, Hai Ming, Yunxia Wu, Jianping Xie, Junying Zhang
    Nd-glass belt lasers with improved beam quality      PDF
  • Chin. Opt. Lett., 2005, 03(09): pp.527-527-
  • Xin Ye, Tao Fang, Zhimin Wang, Shixun Dai, Jianqiu Xu
    Femtosecond laser induced index and relief gratings in polymer films      PDF
  • Chin. Opt. Lett., 2007, 05(04): pp.191-193-3
  • Yi Dong, Xiaoqiang Yu, Yuming Sun, Yufei Li, Xueyuan Hou, Xian Zhang
    A photonic crystal L-shaped bend based on ring resonators      PDF
  • Chin. Opt. Lett., 2008, 06(10): pp.713-714-2
  • M. Djavid, F. Monifi, A. Ghaffari, M. S. Abrishamian
    Optimization of line-tapered MMI devices using a genetic algorithm      PDF
  • Chin. Opt. Lett., 2009, 07(11): pp.1045-1047-3
  • Yongsheng Xiao, Jianjiang Zhou, Shujing Li, Lizhen Huang, Dingshan Gao, Huaming Wu
    Guided modes in asymmetric metal-cladding left-handed material waveguides      PDF
  • Chin. Opt. Lett., 2011, 09(05): pp.052301
  • Ying He, Xia Zhang, Yanfang Yang, Chunfang Li
    Exploration of the sum of flexoelectric coefficients of nematic liquid crystals      PDF
  • Chin. Opt. Lett., 2012, 10(05): pp.052301
  • Hongyu Xing, Wenjiang Ye, Naifu Wu, Zhidong Zhang, Li Xuan
    Single mode planar waveguide of core-only GASIR fiber buried in chalcogenide glasses substrates      PDF
  • Chin. Opt. Lett., 2012, 10(s2): pp.S21303
  • Shaoqian Zhang, Xianghua Zhang, Marc Barillot, Catherine Boussard
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